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What is the full form of NAVIC?

NAVIC Full Form

NAVigation with Indian Constellation (NAVIC) is an Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), developed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to provide accurate positioning in India and around the Indian mainland. It is said to be more accurate than GPS. Prime Minister Narendra Modi named it as the Fishermen of India. Dedicated to the sailor. Its purpose is to inform its user of accurate position in the part of the country and up to a distance of 1500 km from the border of the country.The satellite system was first announced in 2007 and the first of the seven satellite was sent into orbit in 2013. With seven satellites, NavIC is considered to be at par with US-based GPS, Russia’s Glonass and Galileo developed by Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is NavIC for public use?

NavIC will provide two levels of service, the “standard positioning service”, which will be open for civilian/public use, and a “restricted service” (an encrypted one) for authorized users (including the military).

Which Mobile has NavIC?

Qualcomm has already created three chipsets with NavIC support which means more phones may soon be launched in India with NavIC support.

How do I know if my phone have NavIC support?

Install the GSPTest or GNSSTest apps on your Android smartphone. …
Once you open the installed app, tap “Start Trial”
The app will now start detecting all available navigation satellites.
If the app shows Indian satellites, it means your phone supports NavIC.

What are the advantages of NavIC?

It enables more accurate location performance, and faster time-to-first-fix (TTFF) position acquisition, and improved quality of location-based services.

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