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What is the full form of PH?

PH: Potential of Hydrogen

PH full form

The full form of PH is Potential of Hydrogen. It represents the ratio of Hydronium ions (H3O) to Hydroxide ions (OH). It is a measure of acidity and alkalinity of a solution. The pH scale usually ranges from 0 to 14. Aqueous solutions at 25°C with a pH less than seven are acidic, while those with a pH greater than seven are basic or alkaline. A pH level of is 7.0 at 25°C is defined as ‘neutral’ because the concentration of H3O+ equals the concentration of OH− in pure water.

Other full forms of PH

Full FormCategory
acidity (pH)Medical » British Medicine
Geoworks Optimized .goh include fileComputing » File Extensions
Hydrogen ion concentrationMedical » Laboratory
Hydrogen-Ion Concentration (Alkalinity)Governmental » NASA
Pädagogische HochschuleInternational » German
Pale HeadedAcademic & Science » Universities
PantyHoseMiscellaneous » Clothing
Parallel HaskellBusiness » AMEX Symbols
Parathyroid HormoneMedical » British Medicine
Parker Hannifin CorporationBusiness » NYSE Symbols
Past HistoryMedical » Oncology
Patch for HPComputing » Software
PenthouseMiscellaneous » USPS
Per HireBusiness » General Business
Percentage HydrogenAcademic & Science » Physics
Perl HeaderComputing » General Computing
Perl header fileComputing » File Extensions
Permanent HiatusCommunity » News & Media
phaeochromocytomaMedical » British Medicine
PHaseGovernmental » NASA
Phi HanhMiscellaneous » Unclassified
PhiladelphiaMedical » British Medicine
Philadelphia Field OfficeGovernmental » FBI Files
PhilippinesRegional » Countries
Phillips HeadMiscellaneous » Unclassified
phoneAcademic & Science » Electronics
Phonetic spelling of word or nameGovernmental » FBI Files
phosphateMedical » British Medicine
Phrase-table (MS C/C++)Computing » File Extensions
Phucking HugeMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Physically HandicapedMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Ping HuiMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Place HoldCommunity » News & Media
Place HolderMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Plant HygropheliaAcademic & Science » Botany
Platinum HitMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Players HandbookMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Pleckstrin HomologyMedical » Laboratory
Pokemon HeartMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Political HypocrisyGovernmental » Politics
PolyphaseGovernmental » Suppliers
Pondus HydrogeniiAcademic & Science » Chemistry
Porn HubInternet » Websites
Post-HartshorneMedical » Physiology
Potassium HydrogenAcademic & Science » Chemistry
Potentia HydrogeniiInternational » Latin
Potential HealthMedical » Physiology
Potential HeatMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Potential Of HardnessMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Power HouseBusiness » Products
Power of HydrogenAcademic & Science » Chemistry
Power of Hydrogen (hydrogen-ion concentration)Medical » Oncology
Power of HydroniumMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Prancing HorseSports
Precipitation HardeningMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Presbyterian HospitalMedical » Hospitals
Previous HistoryMedical » Prescription
Private HeaderComputing » Networking
Probable HeliumAcademic & Science » Chemistry
Process HomeostasisMedical » Human Genome
Professional HunterBusiness » Occupation & Positions
Project HeadquartersGovernmental » US Government
Proportional HazardGovernmental » Military
Psychological HypnosisAcademic & Science » Psychology
Pubic HairCommunity » News & Media
PublicGovernmental » US Government
Public HealthAcademic & Science » Chemistry
Public HolidaysGovernmental » US Government
Public HouseCommunity
Public HtmlComputing » General Computing
Pulmonary HypertensionGovernmental » Military
Punishment HouseMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Purple HeartGovernmental » Military
The Pulsed HeatMiscellaneous » Unclassified

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