What is the full form of ATS?

ATS: Anti-Terrorism Squad

The full form of ATS is Anti-Terrorism Squad. It is a special police force in various states in India, including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, and West Bengal. The functions of the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) are to obtain information on anti-national elements that work in any part of the country, Coordinate and exchange information with central information agencies, such as IB and RAW, To co-ordinate with similar agencies in other states, to track and eliminate the activities of the mafia and other organized crime syndicates, to detect counterfeit fraud and drug smuggling, etc.

ATS works in coordination with central government intelligence agencies, such as IB and RAW. The squad stopped several terrorist attacks in the country. ATS was founded in Maharashtra in 1990 by then Mumbai Additional Police Commissioner Aftab Ahmed Khan, popularly known as A.A. Khan. He was inspired by the SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team; A special police force established in the United States to control and combat modern terrorism. ATS officials have won 23 gallantry awards. The Mumbai ATS was involved in hostage rescue operations on November 26, 2008 at various locations in Mumbai, Maharashtra, including the 5-star hotels Taj and Oberoi Trident.

Other full forms of ATS

Full FormCategory
A P T Satellite Holdings, LTD.NYSE Symbols
Above Top SecretUnclassified
Absolute Time SequenceElectronics
Advanced Turbo SystemsCompanies & Firms
Against The SpreadSports
Air Traffic ServicesMilitary
Airport Transit SystemLand Transport
All Together SeparateManufacturing
Alternative Trading SystemStock Exchange
American Tarantula SocietyVeterinary
American Thoracic SocietyMedical Organizations
American Travel SurveyTransportation
American Tribal StyleFood & Nutrition
Analytic Trouble ShootingLaw & Legal
Angel The SeriesNews & Media
Anti-Theft SystemProducts
Apple Type ServicesSoftware
Applicant Tracking SystemSofware & Applications
Application Technology SatelliteOcean Science
Asynchronous Time SharingNetworking
Australian Technology ShowcaseGeneral Business
Austrian SchillingCurrencies
Automate The SchoolsPolitics
Automated Targeting SystemSecurity & Defence
Automated Trading SystemGeneral Business
Automatic Test SystemUnclassified
Automatic Train SupervisionTransportation
Automatic Transfer ServiceStock Exchange
Automatic Transfer SwitchElectrical
Automation Tooling SystemsUnclassified
Auxiliary Territorial ServiceMilitary
Aviation Technical ServicesTransportation

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