What is the full form of ISI?

ISI: Inter-Services Intelligence

The full form of ISI is Inter-Services Intelligence. It is the major intelligence agency of Pakistan Govt. Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is responsible for gathering, processing, and analyzing information relevant for national security from around the world. Its headquarter is in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.The current (As of 2021) Director-General or head of ISI is Lt. Gen. Faiz Hameed. The ISI Director-General reports directly to both the Prime Minister and the Army Chief.

ISI full form

ISI gained global recognition and fame in the 1980s, when it supported the Afghan mujahideen against the Soviet Union during the Soviet–Afghan War in the erstwhile Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. During the war, the ISI worked in close coordination with the United States’ CIA and the United Kingdom’s SIS. After independence, two intelligence agencies were created in Pakistan: IB (Intelligence Bureau) and MI (Military Intelligence). But after the poor performance of these two agencies, ISI was established in 1948 to gather intelligence and share intelligence among the armed forces (Army, Navy and Air Force).

Other full forms of ISI

Full FormCategory
Indian Standards InstitutionStandards
Indian Statistical InstituteUniversities & Institutions
International Statistical InstituteProfessional Associations
Information Sciences InstituteUniversities & Institutions
Institute for Scientific InformationNon-Profit Organizations
Inter-Services IntelligenceGovernmental
Inter-Symbol InterferenceElectronics
Intercollegiate Studies InstituteInstitutes
Initiation aux Sciences de l’IngenieurAwards & Medals
Inter-Service IntelligenceMilitary
Insulin Sensitivity IndexPhysiology
Import Substitution IndustrializationPolitics
Information Society IndexNon-Profit Organizations
Inter-Stimulus IntervalPhysiology
Information Services InternationalCompanies & Firms
Institut Seni IndonesiaGeneral
Iron Sharpens IronGeneral
Internet Securities IncCompanies & Firms
Ice Skating InstituteSkating
International Students, IncorporatedCompanies & Firms
Indian Standards InstituteGovernmental
Import Substitution IndustrialisationGeneral
Initial State InteractionChemistry
Illinois Swimming, Inc.Swimming
Innovative Systems, Inc.Companies & Firms
Internet Security InfrastructureInternet

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