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What is the full form of IDE?

1) IDE: Integrated Development Environment

IDE full form

The full form of IDE is “Integrated Development Environment“. An integrated development environment (IDE) is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development. It combines all the basic tools that developers need to write or test software. This type of environment allows an application developer to write code while compiling, debugging and executing it at the same place. It can be a standalone application or a part of one or more compatible applications.

Integrated development environments (IDE) are designed to maximize programmer productivity by providing tight-knit components with similar user interfaces. It is a programming environment that contains a lot of things in a single package i.e. code editor, compiler, debugger and what you see is what you get (WYCIWYG). An IDE normally consists of at least a source code editor, build automation tools and a debugger. Some IDEs, such as NetBeans and Eclipse, contain the necessary compiler, interpreter, or both; others, such as SharpDevelop and Lazarus, do not.

2) IDE: Integrated Drive Electronics

IDE full form

Another full form of IDE is Integrated Drive Electronics. Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) is a standard interface for connecting a motherboard to storage devices such as hard drives and CD-ROM/ DVD Drives etc. IDE is different from SCSI and ESDI as its controllers are on each drive which allows drivers to directly connect to the controller or motherboard. The original IDE had a 16-bit interface that connected two devices to a single-ribbon cable. This cost-effective IDE device carried its own circuitry and included an integrated disk drive controller. Prior to IDE, controllers were separate external devices. IDE is also known as Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) or intelligent drive electronics (IDE).

Other Full Forms of IDE

IDE full formCategory
I Didn’t EvenChat
I Didn’t Even ….Texting
I División EléctricaGeneral
I Do EverythingUS Government
Ideas Designed ExecutedGeneral
Ideas International, LTD.ASX Symbols
In Da EarGeneral
Independent Design ExecutiveOccupation & Positions
Independent Development EvaluatorSoftware
Independent Drive ExtensionGeneral Computing
Individual Developers EditionSoftware
Industrial Design EngineeringGeneral Business
Industrial Development EngineeringAcademic Degrees
Iniciativa de Defensa EstrátegicaSpanish
Initial Design EvaluationNASA
Innovation Design EngineeringMechanics
Instant Death by ElectrocutionLaw & Legal
Institute of Developing EconomiesInstitutes
Institute of Distance EducationEducational
Institute of SpainSocieties
Instituto de EspañaSocieties
Instructional Development EnvironmentUniversities
Insulin Degrading EnzymePhysiology
Intact Dilatation and ExtractionPhysiology
Integrated Data EnvironmentGeneral
Integrated Deployment EnvironmentMilitary
Integrated Development ExperienceDevelopment
Integrated Device ElectronicsGeneral
Integrated Drilling EquipmentGeneral
Inter Digital ElectrodesGeneral
Interdependent Data ExchangeNetworking
Intermediate Developmental EducationEducational
International Design EntertainmentGeneral
International Development AssociationBusiness
International Development EnterprisesDevelopment
INTRACOM Defense ElectronicsElectronics
Intuitive Development EnvironmentEducational
Investigational Device ExemptionLaw & Legal
investigational device exemption (CDRH)FDA

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