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What is the full form of MMS?

MMS: Multimedia Messaging Service

The full form of MMS is “Multimedia Messaging Service“. It is an improved version of SMS (Short Message Service), created using the same technology as SMS to allow SMS users to send multimedia content. The multimedia messaging service (MMS) is a standard way of sending messages that include multimedia content to and from a cell phone over a cellular network. Users and providers can refer to such a message such as a PXT, a picture message or a multimedia message.

MMS full form

MMS is a communication technology developed by 3GPP (Third Generation Association Project). MMS defines a way to send and receive wireless messages almost instantly that include images, audio and video clips, as well as text. Unlike SMS, MMS messages do not have a standard limit. Although its maximum size depends on the operator and the device that receives the message, 300 KB is often known as the largest size that most operators will handle safely. The first MMS compatible phones were launched around 2002, and it is believed that the Sony Ericsson T68i is the first MMS compatible phone.

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