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What is the full form of VFX?

VFX: Visual Effects

The full form of VFX is “Visual Effects“. It is the term used to describe any image created, altered, or enhanced for a film or other moving media that cannot be shot while recording in live-action. VFX is flexible as it can be used to create a wide variety of video creation from live footage visuals, altered videos, and computer-generated imageries. In VFX, the most commonly used tool is a green screen, which is a background used behind the actor that can be easily removed after creating the necessary images. Visual Effects (VFX) is different from computer-generated images (CGI), which is a computer graphics application (image software) that allows you to create images, characters and video games that seem real.

Much of the art of visual effects occur in post-production after the completion of primary image capture. Basically anything difficult to film then filmmakers use visual effects to do it. For example, it is impossible to film aliens that attack the Earth, so filmmakers use visual effects for all alien creatures to destroy the city. This is a very obvious example of visual effects. Although most visual effects works are completed during postproduction, they should generally be carefully planned and choreographed in preproduction and production. Visual effects are different from special effects because visual effects require a computer and are added after capture. Special effects or SFX have performed onset: they are deliberate and controlled explosions, gunshot wounds, etc.

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