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What is the full form of CGL?

1) CGL: Combined Graduate Level

The full form of CGL is Combined Graduate Level. It is one of the most sought exams conducted annually for all graduates (any course, any branch, any subject) from all recognized Universities and Institutes in India for around 32 different types of jobs in Central Government Services. Combined Graduate Level (CGL) exams are conducted by the Staff Selection Committee (SSC), created in 1975. Therefore, it is often called the SSC CGL (Staff Selection Commission – Combined Graduate Level Exam). It is one of the most coveted central government services after IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS, etc. CGL is carried out to recruit employees for various positions in ministries, government departments and other government organizations in India including Group B and Group C positions such as Inspector in Income Tax, Examiner, Preventive Officer etc. However, the final selection of candidates depends on the number of vacancies in the departments involved.

SSC CGL Eligibility 2020

The eligibility criteria of the SSC CGL 2020 vary according to the position applied by the candidate. However, the basic criteria applicants must meet are given below:

  • A candidate must be either a citizen of India, a person of India origin, subject of Nepal/Bhutan, or a Tibetan refugee.
  • A candidate should be between 18 and 30 years in age.
  • A candidate should complete bachelor’s degree from a recognised university or institute.

2) CGL: Commercial General Liability

Commercial General Liability (CGL) is a broad type of insurance policy that will primarily protect all kinds of claims that most companies face, such as advertising injury, bodily injury, personal injury, property damage caused by business operations, products, or injury that occurs on the business premises. Commercial general liability is considered comprehensive business insurance, although it does not cover all the risks that a company may face. A CGL insurance policy generally covers the costs of your legal defense and will pay all damages on your behalf if you are liable, up to the limits of your policy.

Other full forms of CGL

Full FormCategory
Care Giver LittleMedical
Carrier Grade LinuxSofware & Applications
Carry Generation LogicGeneral
Categorial Grammar LogicMiscellaneous
Central Gem LaboratoryGeology
Change Grow LiveGeneral
Charge Generation LayerGeneral
Chill Gamers LoungeGeneral
China Glass and LampsGeneral
Christian Gays and Lesbians AssociationUnions
Chromatic Generalized LikelihoodGeneral
Chromatography Gradient LengthGeneral
Chronic Granulocytic LeukaemiaOncology
Classical Greek and LatinLanguage Codes
Clean Green LocalGeneral
Code Generation LanguageGeneral Computing
Coding Guide LinesSoftware
College Gaming LeagueGaming
Command Guard ListGeneral
Commonwealth Government LoanAccounting
Comprehensive General LiabilityGeneral
Computer Graphics LaboratoryUniversities
Congenital Generalized LipodystrophyDiseases & Conditions
Continuous Galvanizing LineGeneral
Crompton Greaves LimitedCompanies & Corporations
Cut Generation LibraryLibraries

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