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What is the full form of CTO?

CTO: Chief Technology Officer

The full form of CTO is Chief Technology Officer. This title is also known as Chief Technical Officer or Chief Technologist. A CTO is very similar to a chief information officer (CIO). The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is an executive focused on scientific and technological issues within an organization. A CTO is the highest technology executive position within a company and leads the technology or engineering department. He/She is the executive responsible for the technological and research and development needs of an organization and is responsible for the development and implementation of new technologies and for aligning technology-related decisions with the organization’s objectives. The CTO examines an organization’s short and long-term needs and uses capital to make investments designed to help the organization achieve its goals. The CTO generally reports to the CEO of the company. The average salary for a CTO ranges between $130,000 and $195,000 depending on the company’s sector.

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