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What is the full form of RBC?

RBC: Red Blood Cell

The full form of RBC is Red Blood Cell. It is also called red cells, red blood corpuscles, erythrocytes, haematids. It is a type of blood cell found in the blood. Red blood cells (RBCs) contain a protein called hemoglobin, which carries oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body. RBCs absorb oxygen into the lungs, or gills, of fish, and release it into the tissues while squeezing the body’s capillaries. Hemoglobin is a protein/pigment that contains iron. Iron in hemoglobin gives red RBC/ blood red color. Approximately 84% of the cells in the human body are red blood cells. These cells develop in the bone marrow and circulate for approximately 100 to 120 days in the body before their components are recycled by macrophages. The percentage of blood volume that contains only red blood cells is called “hematocrit.” A single drop of blood contains approximately 0.5 billion red blood cells. There are about 40 platelets and one WBC (white blood cell) for every 600 RBCs. It takes an average of 60 seconds for human red blood cells to complete a circulation cycle.

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