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What is the full form of EDP?

EDP: Electronic Data Processing

The full form of EDP is Electronic Data Processing. It is the automatic processing of data by a computer and its programs in an environment that involves electronic communication. Electronic data processing (EDP) is synonymous with IS (information services or systems) or MIS (management information services or systems). It was created with the term DP (data processing). EDP refers to the processing of business data, document storage, transfer of information from paper to digital format using a computer involving electronic communication. For example: stock updates applied to an inventory, bank transactions applied to the master account and customer files, reservation transactions and ticketing in an airline’s reservation system, charging for public services.

The main advantage of using EDP is cost-effectiveness, the total long-term cost of managing data through EDP is less. Another benefit is speed: the information stored and managed by EDP can be retrieved quickly. In today’s electronic world, the use of the term EDP is not that much in the field. In almost all fields, the use of computers is very high. To transform raw business information into the digital platform, companies hire employees to enable them to deliver products and services to their customers and clients in a timely and well-organized manner.

Other full forms of EDP

Full FormCategory
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Early Development ProgramDevelopment
East Dedham ParkParks & Recreation
Eastern Daily PressNews & Media
Eastern Development ProgramDevelopment
Eating, Drinking, and PlayingFestivals
Economic Diversification ProgramGeneral Business
Educational Development PlanEducational
Educationally Developed ProductsEducational
Electrical Design PowerElectronics
Electro-Deposit PrimerElectronics
Electron Diffraction PatternElectronics
Electronic Document ProfessionalOccupation & Positions
Electronic Dream PlantScience Fiction
Elecxtronic design processesGeneral
Elegant Darkness ProductionsCompanies & Firms
ELINT Data ProcessorMilitary
Elite Development ProgramDevelopment
Embroidery Design PortableQuilting
Emergency Defense PlanMilitary
Emergent Digital PracticesGeneral
Emotionally Disturbed PersonLaw & Legal
Employer Development PortfoliosDevelopment
Enemy Down ProductionsCompanies & Firms
Engineering Design ProcessEngineering
Entrance Door PlateProducts
Entrepreneurship Development ProgramGeneral Business
Environmental Development PartnersEnvironmental
Environmental Dimension PartnershipEnvironmental
Ethylene Diamine PyrocatecholChemistry
European Democratic PartyEuropean
European Digital PressEuropean
European Doctoral ProgramEuropean
Evans Dermal PowderDrugs
Excellence, Dependability, and PerformanceEmployment
Excellent Design PracticedGeneral Business
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Expedite Departure PathTransportation
Exposure Diversification And PriceInternational Business
External Diploma ProgramEducational

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