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What is the full form of VIVA?


VIVA is an oral examination, typically for an academic qualification. There are many types of examinations conducted in college, school and university. VIVA is the type of test in which a student answers in speech instead of writing. This is a very common exam, which is conducted in every college and university.

It is mandatory and every student tries to clear the VIVA exam. It is tougher than the written test because, in viva, the examiner asks questions continuously. And you have very little time to think about the answer to that question. So most of the students have some fear for VIVA exam.

VIVA Full Forms

There are different full forms of VIVA in different categories. Following is the list of all full forms of VIVA.

  • Very Important Visitors Ask
  • Very Important Volunteer Award
  • Vegetarians International Voice for Animals
  • Vision Investment Vitality And Action
  • Valuable Information Value Added
  • Very Impressive Vocational Achievement
  • Voices Information Volunteers And Art
  • Volunteers in Various Areas
  • Volunteers for Inter Valley Animals
  • Vitality Insight Vision and Action
  • Voter Information Verification Act

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