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What is the full form of ACP?

ACP: Assistant Commissioner of Police

ACP full form

The full form of ACP is Assistant Commissioner of Police. ACP is one of the prestigious posts of the Indian Police Service. It is a post given to a police officer of the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police (Asst.SP) or Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP). The Insignia of ACP is three stars.

ACP Insignia

How to become ACP?

There are two ways to become an ACP:

  • Getting general promotion from state police rank to gradually become ACP officer after serving around 15-20 years in police department.
  • Writing Group I exam and direct recruitment after getting a good rank in UPSC exam.

Qualifications required to become ACP

  • It is mandatory for a candidate to be an Indian citizen to become an ACP.
  • Candidate must be physically and mentally fit.
  • To become an ACP candidate must also be a graduate in any stream from recognized university.
  • To write UPSC exam, the candidate’s age should be between 21 to 32 years, in which OBC candidates are given 3 years relaxation, and SC/ST candidates have 5 years relaxation.

Key Duties of ACP

  • ACP performs all the functions and duties of the Commissionerate assigned by the Commissioner of Police.
  • He has to guide and supervise the officers under his jurisdiction and maintain the discipline of the department. They should make regular visits to the police stations.
  • They make regular visits to the site of crime and for offenses of serious nature to follow and execute orders of higher authorities. He investigates crimes so that future incidents can be prevented.
  • They also take roll-calls during visits to police stations, to make arrangements for overnight visits and to ensure that all officers under them are on alert during such visits.

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