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What is the full form of IG?

IG: Inspector General

IG full form

In Police, IG stands for Inspector General. During British rule in India, the British Government introduced the Indian Councils Act 1861. The act created a new cadre of police, called the Superior Police Service, later known as the Indian Imperial Police. The highest rank in the police service at that time was Inspector General (IG).

Presently in modern India, an Inspector (IG) General of Police is an IPS officer/state police officer. An I.G is the third-highest rank in the police hierarchy, just below the rank of ADG in a state and just above the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG). The IG rank officer wore a gorget patch on his collar. The insignia of the Inspector General of Police (I.G) is a cross sword and a star above the batons.

IG Insignia

How to become an IG

There are 2 ways to become IG in Police department:

  1. Through passing UPSC exam
    • You have clear UPSC exam and become an IPS officer.
    • After becoming IPS officer, you will be posted as SP.
    • SP is promoted to DIG in 14 yrs (variable as per conditions).
    • Then DIG is promoted to IG in 3 yrs.
  2. State PCS exam by
    • When you clear state PCS exam, You will be posted as DSP.
    • DSP becomes SP in 10–15 yrs (variable as per conditions)
    • SP is promoted to DIG in 14 yrs
    • Then DIG is promoted to IG in 3 yrs.

Only a few DSPs become IGs before their retirement (fixed at 60 years).

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