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What is the full form of SSP?

SSP: Senior Superintendent of Police

SSP full form

The full form of SSP is Senior Superintendent of Police. In India, metropolitan, highly populated, or Naxal-affected districts have an SSP. This is a Senior scale post under the IPS pay Rules and they are entrusted with the Powers and responsibility of maintaining law and order in their district. This term is not found in either the Indian Police Act nor in the IPS pay Rules. So it is not a universal term but in use in States like UP and Punjab.

Where it is in use, it means the head of the district police in the same sense as Superintendent of Police (SP) in the Indian Police Act. In districts where an SSP is the head, the SP is the head of a large urban or rural area within a district. In metropolitan areas having a police commissioner system (like in Delhi Police, Mumbai Police, Bangalore City Police or Hyderabad Police) the head of district police is called deputy commissioner of police (DCP), and they hold the rank of a SSP. DCP is an IPS officer with 7 to 13 years of service and assisted by a number of ACPs.

SSP Insignia

The insignia of the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) is the national emblem above two stars. SSP rank officers wear IPS logo under the star with a gorse patch on their shoulder. The background of the Gorget Patch is dark blue. There is a white stripe on the gorjet patch.

Other full forms of SSP

Full FormCategory
System Service ProcessorComputer Hardware
Species Survival PlanVeterinary
Scottish Socialist PartyPolitics
Secretaría de Seguridad PúblicaSpanish
Service Switching PointTelecom
Storage Service ProviderDatabase Management
Swing State ProjectPolitics
Scholarly Societies ProjectUniversities
Society for Scholarly PublishingNon-Profit Organizations
Statistical Signal ProcessingElectronics
Synchronous Serial PortNetworking
Security Support ProviderCyber & Security
Special Service PackageProducts
Student Security PatrolUniversities
Shameless Self-PromotionOccupation & Positions
Super Short PrintGeneral Computing
State Supplemental PaymentUS Government
Samba Sharing PackageSoftware
Spritual Strategic PlanningReligion
Source Selection PlanMilitary
Summer Science ProgramUniversities
Support Service ProviderCompanies & Firms
Stainless Steel PolishedProducts
Solid State PolymerizationElectronics
Supplementary Special-purpose PlaneInformation Technology
South Sudan PoundCountry Currency
Secure Service ProviderTelecommunication
Server-to-server ProtocolNetworking
Self Stabilizing ProtocolNetworking
Sas Transport DatafileFile Type
Smalltalk Server PageSoftwares
SANTOSHPURIndian Railway Station
Steady-state PlasmaChemistry
Single SuperphosphateChemistry
Stub Scion PairsChemistry
Super Short PersonMessaging
Suggested Sales PriceAccounts and Finance
Space Solar PowerSpace Science
Small Sortie PayloadSpace Science
Space Shuttle ProgramSpace Science
Standard Switch PanelSpace Science
Silver PlainsAirport Code
Set Stack PointerComputer Assembly Language
System Stack PointerComputer Assembly Language
System Support ProductComputer Hardware
Single Streaming ProcessorComputer Hardware
Scalar Sample PosteriorMaths
South Sea PearlEarth Science
Spontaneous Sound PhenomenaPhysics Related
Static Strength PredictionPhysics Related
Spectroscopy Society of PittsburghPhysics Related
Spectrum Sports PerformanceSports
Safe Swimming PlaceSports
Silhouette Sport PistolSports
Strategic Systems ProgramMilitary and Defence
System Safety ProgramMilitary and Defence
Support Strategies and PlanningMilitary and Defence

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