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What is the full form of FAX?

FAX: Facsimile

The full form of FAX is “Facsimile“. It is usually written and spoken as a fax. facsimile (fax) is a scanned copy of text and images printed on a paper, sent from one part to another through a telephone line connected to a printer or other output device. The device used to send documents electronically through a telephone network is called a fax machine. In the past 75 years, the fax transmission time has been reduced from an average of six minutes to an average of one minute. The classic “fax machine,” which costs $ 20,000 in 1982, has also become obsolete, faxes are replaced by emails.

FAX full form


  • 1843-Mechanical fax: Scottish inventor Alexander Bain invented the ‘Electric Printing Telegraph’ machine.
  • 1865-Major Improvements: Frederick Bakewell made several improvements to Bain’s design in and demonstrated a fax machine.
  • 1880-Scanning PhotoTelegraph: The English inventor Shelford Bidwell built the scanning phototelegraphy, which was the first fax machine to scan any two-dimensional original, without the need to trace or draw manually.
  • 1888-TelAutograph: The invention of the Elisha Gray screen-printer marked a new development in fax technology, allowing users to send signatures over long distances.
  • 1960-Satellite Fax: The United States Army transmitted the first satellite facsimile photograph from USA to Puerto Rico.
  • 1996-Internet Fax: The first Internet fax service is made available to the general public, allowing users to send and receive a fax through a computer without fax machines.

Other full forms of FAX

Full FormCategory
Facsimile Automatic XeroxElectronics
FAcsimile TransmissionNASA
Far Away XeroxComputing
Fresno Area ExpressLand Transport

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