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What is the full form of TRP?

TRP: Television Rating Point

The full form of TRP is Television Rating Point. It is also called as Target Rating Point. The Television Rating Point (TRP) is a number that analyzes the favoritism or popularity of programs broadcast on television. It is used to judge which television show is the most-watched. This provides an index of people’s choice and shows the popularity of a specific program. Based on this, the program is classified according to the categories. The most efficient method to measure these points is to use the TAM (Television Audience Measurement) methodology; To implement this system, meters known as ‘people meters’ are used in different geographic and demographic sectors where it is being broadcasted and the device records the time and the program that a viewer watches on a given day.

A program with a higher TRP indicates that the program is watched by a large number of viewers. Their data is very useful to advertisers as they place their ads during programs with higher TRPs. Now all countries have a governing body that measures TRP ratings with the help of People Meters. In India, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) manages TRP’s ratings. INTAM (Indian Television Audience Measurement) is currently the only functioning electronic rating agency in India. INTAM uses two methodologies to calculate TRP, which are the Frequency Monitoring Method and the Image Matching Technique.

Other full forms of TRP

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Technology Reinvestment ProgramGeneral Business
Technology Reinvestment ProjectTechnology
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Temasek Republic PolytechnicUniversities
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Temporary Residence PermitGeneral
Textile Resource PointsGeneral Business
The Railroad PressNews & Media
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The Ring PostGeneral
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Totally Responsible PersonGeneral Business
TransCanada Pipelines, LTD.NYSE Symbols
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