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What is the full form of DCP?

DCP: Deputy commissioner of Police

DCP full form

The full form of DCP is “Deputy Commissioner of Police”. This is the rank of a police officer in the police department in India. In metropolitan cities, having a Police Commissionerate system (Mumbai Police, Delhi Police, Hyderabad Police, Bangalore City Police) the head of district police is called Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), which is equivalent to the rank of Superintendent of Police (SP). The rank insignia of this officer is the national emblem above a star on the shoulder. The post of DCP exists only in cities.

DCP Insignia
Insignia of DCP

How to become a DCP?

The post is a senior scale IPS post. An IPS officer is promoted to senior scale in 4 years as Additional SP/ DCP. A DCP usually has about a minimum of 6/7 years as an IPS officer. So, to become a DCP you have to be first an IPS officer which can be through either direct recruitment via UPSC or by promotion from the state police service.

An IPS officer is promoted as Additional SP or DCP in 4 years. A DCP is usually a minimum of 6/7 years as an IPS officer. To become a DCP one must first be a IPS officer who is UPSC or by promotion from the State Police Service. A directly recruited IPS officer reaches the level of SP within five years. And in the states, a directly recruited Deputy Superintendent of Police [DSP] reaches the level after completing 14 years of service.

police badge

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